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Hi, I'm Paige

paige madison art

Many people will say they moved to Florida for the beach or retirement. I moved here for the light. Raised in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, where gray skies were all too common, I found myself dreaming of a life engulfed by sunshine. I am fascinated by light, the way it can effect one's mood, cast a shadow, and create or destroy color.


I love to capture the beauty of light in my artwork through detail and color, or lack thereof.

Even greater than my passion for art is my passion for animals. I aspired to be a veterinarian for as long as I can remember. My goal wasn't the prestigious title or a large salary, ten-year-old me simply wanted to "save every animal." Several semesters and thousands of dollars later, I realized I could achieve this goal through a different approach. Through doing what I truly love, creating. This is why I dedicate a portion of my sales to helping animals of all shapes and sizes through donations to some amazing charities who also strive to "save every animal." 

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